If you are interested in pursuing covenant membership with our church, please contact Pastor Adam in person during a church service or email him at adamckycarrigan@gmail.com or call the church office at (409) 584-2576.

Membership is not something we take lightly at FBC Pineland. God is not concerned that your name is merely on a church role. He is concerned that you are accountable to a local church body of believers who can give an accurate account for your spiritual condition and keep you encouraged to grow more like Christ in every area of life. That being said, church membership carries with it the expectations and responsibilities that each member will be devoted to promoting unity within the church and will work to accomplish the goals and purposes of the church (see our belief page in the“About” section).

The membership process may take more time than you might be used to, depending on your religious background. Each candidate for membership will need to meet with the pastor face-to- face to talk about what it means to be a Christian, how they came to follow Jesus themselves, and other core beliefs that are at the heart of what FBC Pineland stands on. They will also be asked to attend for several weeks so that there are no rushed decisions on either the candidate’s part or the church’s part.

You might find it strange, or even offensive that a church would not accept a simple testimony of “I’m a Christian and I want to join your church” during the invitation one Sunday morning. But rest assured, we don’t accept that kind of testimony because the church is charged with guarding the front door and making sure, to the best of our ability, that only genuine, born-again believers are made members of the church for which Jesus Christ gave his life. We also take membership seriously because doing so removes some of the confusion the world has about what it means to be a Christian and a church member. Thank you for understanding that our only goal is to keep the Bride of Christ pure and holy. If you become a candidate for membership you may find during the process that you didn’t understand the Gospel as well as you thought you did and the result is that you grow closer to Jesus! That would be a win-win for both of us!

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