Sunday Services

Sundays: 9:45am Bible Study. 11:00am Worship Service.

Our adult Bible study classes and worship services are in the main sanctuary (brick building). Children’s Bible study is in the fellowship hall (brick building behind sanctuary). Youth Bible study is upstairs in the Family Life Center (metal building).

Wednesday Service

Wednesdays: 6:30pm Worship Service.


We cannot wait to see you!

We are a friendly, family church. Our services are informal, yet we seek to be worshipful. The main purpose of our weekly gathering is to praise King Jesus and submit to his written Word. We deeply value the Word of God and you will see that we try to place it at the center of what we say, sing, and preach. Children of all ages are welcome in the service. During the sermon, we do ask that if your infant is crying or if your toddler has a meltdown to please escort them out of the room until they settle down. This in no way means we frown upon you, your children, your parenting skills, or anything remotely similar (children cry sometimes, it’s really okay). Jesus and our church loves the little children, but in order to minimize the distractions during the preaching of God’s Word, we simply ask for your cooperation in this way. We do not want you to leave altogether, just long enough to take care of business and return to your seat. What should you wear? Out of respect for the Lord and your neighbor, we simply ask that you use modesty and reverence when deciding what to wear. Otherwise, there are no expectations on dress. Our people wear jeans, t-shirts, slacks, ties, suits, dresses, skirts, button-downs, boots, sandals, tennis shoes…you get the picture. If you are worried about not looking nice enough, we can promise you that the Lord is far more concerned with your heart than your clothes. Also, using clothing as an excuse to avoid church is something God sees right through. Just come on!

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