First Baptist Pineland is a historic church almost as old as the town itself. We seek to be a multi- generational, multi-ethnic congregation of sinners saved by the grace of God. Look around the website to find out more about what we believe and value, as well as our service times and ministries.


Our church exists to fulfill the Great Commission of making disciples and discipling them to become more like Jesus (Matt 28:18-20). We exist to equip the saints (Christians) for the work of the ministry (Eph 4:12). How do we do this? By assembling together on a regular basis to unify ourselves around the purposes of Christ. By orienting our church gatherings around Jesus and these goals. By teaching our children, our spouses, and our fellow church members how to be more like Jesus. By telling others about Jesus if they are not followers of Jesus. We do all these things via our worship services and the preaching of God’s Word, through our Bible study groups, through our tithes and offerings, through our events and programs, and through our acts of service in the community.

We also think it’s important for Christians to have a fun time together as friends and not take ourselves too seriously. So occasionally we will get together as members and just eat a good meal and tell some tall tales about the fish we caught or the clothes we bought.


We believe that the Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God. As such, we use the Bible as our one and only governing document on what we believe and what we do as Christians and as a Christian church. Our pastor preaches faithfully and systematically from the Bible each week. The Bible is the only thing that can change the hearts of people which is why we take it so seriously, why we read it often, why we obey it, and why we share what it says. Everything that follows is found explicitly in the Bible.

We believe that God is who he revealed himself to be in the Bible. He is the Creator God who made the universe and everything in it. God is good, just, righteous, holy, and the only true God. He exists as one God, yet in three persons: as Father, Son, and Spirit. He is and always will be the one being worthy of worship.

We believe that mankind is the special creation of God as the only beings who carry his image (meaning that we are like God in some ways and we can relate to God, unlike any other being, Genesis 1:27). Humans are created male and female and are equal in worth before God while maintaining distinct roles and abilities. Humans were created to bring glory to God by fellowshipping with Him and having dominion over the earth.

We believe that man’s one main problem is his sin. The first two humans made a decision to rebel against God and thus brought a curse upon their race and the entire earth. Sin’s main power is death and leading up to death it has the ability to darken our understanding and lead us to take actions which are completely contrary to the nature and character of our holy God. Sin has been an inescapable part of every human since the beginning and the consequence for sin is physical death and eternal separation from God.

We believe that God’s solution to man’s sin problem is the greatest thing ever done in history. Since the penalty for sin is death, and since God is a God of justice and sacrificial love, he sent down his only son, Jesus, to take the form of a man while remaining totally God and human at the same time. Jesus lived a perfect life, was loved by some but rejected by many. He was eventually tortured and executed, which we find out was his plan all along in order to take the death penalty in the place of all humans. Jesus said that salvation from sin and death can only be found through himself. If we will believe in him and trust in his sacrificial death for us, and repent of our sins (which means to reject the life of living for yourself and only doing what you want even if it is contrary to God) you can be declared right before a holy God. The best news about this story is that Jesus rose from the grave three days after his death. In the same way, though we may die physically, those who are in Jesus Christ will be resurrected from death as well and spend eternity with God because of what Jesus did for them.

We believe that the church is the institution Jesus set up before he ascended back to the Father in order to continue his ministry on earth until he returns again. The church is made up of only those who have repented and believed in Jesus Christ and are thus Christ-followers or “Christians.” The church consists only of those who are baptized (not because baptism saves us, but because baptism is the first step of public obedience which associates a person with Jesus). The church’s purpose is to carry on Jesus’ ministry until he returns which can be summed up by his last words in Matthew 28:18-20. The church must go and make more disciples (Christ-followers) and teach them everything Jesus taught. The church can accomplish this purpose in a variety of ways with a variety of methods, but if the church is not making more disciples and making better disciples out of the ones it has, then the church is failing to fulfill its primary purpose. FBC Pineland is committed to fulfilling this purpose. We would love for you to join us!

We are also a voluntary member of the Southern Baptist Convention Denomination and our core doctrines are explained in a formal document called the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. Click here to read it.

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